Africa Green Energy and Climate Center (AGECC) is a registered NGO,with NGO coordination board in Kenya. With Registration Number OP.218/051/17-060/10636. AGECC main objective is;

  • Promote green energy technologies for improved environmental quality.
  • Strengthen The Capacity Of Individuals And The Civil Society To Address Global Environmental Issues through Engagement In Policy Making Dialogue, Paradigm Shifting and Legislation.
  • To identify appropriate value addition models for various green energy products and implement the same with local residents.
  • Integrate business of social responsibility and due respect to climate change and environmental protection considerations while supporting green energy initiatives for improved environment quality.
  • Support Outreach and Awareness Creation for feasibility and economic viability of green energy
  • Document And Disseminate Local, National and Regional Experiences and Best Practice to address environmental issue
  • To promote advocacy in climate change adaption and mitigation measures and also advance green energy deployment for economic growth and sustainable development

We are advocating for the use of non-wood fuel